Taking into account the experience of working with children, the camp has developed rules of behavior and internal order, a methodology for cultural and entertainment events, the observance of which ensures safety during the camp. In order to prevent various unexpected situations and to provide parents with the necessary information, please familiarize yourself with this instruction.

  • Discuss with the children the internal rules of the camp (Appendix No. 1 of the Agreement)!
  • In case of violations of the internal rules of the camp, the participant is excluded from the camp, this is reported to the parents, who ensure the removal of the participant from the camp (in this case, the participation fee paid by the participant is not returned).

  • In the children’s camp “Albatross”, events are regularly held that require increased compliance with safety rules (swimming in the sea, staying in the sun, hiking, sports and entertainment events). Therefore, observing safety techniques and following the instructions of educators is mandatory.
  • On the day of entering the camp, children must be instructed on the internal rules of order, safety equipment rules in the residential building, during meals, during various events and in the water. Talk to your child and tell them that not only will they have to sign that they have listened to this briefing, but they must also strictly follow it for their own safety.
  • In case of any questions, problems or difficulties, the child should contact the camp staff (educator, camp leader or any other camp employee). All issues are resolved in the camp with respect and a favorable attitude towards the child.
  • The child should pay special attention to his health condition! Educators should be informed in time about the first signs of feeling unwell, as this will allow the camp staff to make an immediate decision and provide first aid. If necessary, parents will be informed about the problem immediately.

The camp offers balanced meals 5 times a day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, late dinner) according to a varied menu, which is the same for all children. If the child is allergic to certain food products, a vegetarian menu is required, this must be reported in time.
During the stay at the camp, the child must voluntarily participate in various competitions, holiday celebrations, games, sports and tourism relays every day. The camp staff will provide an individual approach to your child and help overcome possible difficulties. We ask you to discuss with the child that his active participation in all the offered lessons and activities will make the stay at the camp interesting and remain in the memory for a long time.