Since it was announced in 2023 that a doctor’s certificate is no longer required for summer camps, it became much easier to send a child to the camp. But, of course, there were documents that would provide clarity. Here is a list of the necessary documents that you must submit before you bring your child to the camp with us:

  1. Agreement, internal rules of the camp (Annex to the Agreement); We send all this to you automatically as soon as you have registered your child for the camp. Please sign it and send it back or take it with you to check-in and we will sign it on the spot.
  2. A copy of the child’s birth certificate; A picture sent to e-mail will also work.

On the other hand, those who want to join us in foreign camps will need a little more documents:

  • contract and appendix with us about the child’s participation in the camp
  • The child must have a valid travel document with him (LR citizens can enter with an eID card, non-LR citizens only with a passport, individually for citizens of other countries)
  • Notarized parental power of attorney that the child may leave the country independently and the camp leader may represent the child abroad on the basis of a contract