It is self-evident that many parents want to give their child the whole wardrobe, the possible things with which he falls asleep better, especially if the child goes to the camp for the first time. But here, too, there is a tree with two ends and at the other end there are parents who are already used to sending their child to camp and do not check his bags. We will tell a little about what it can lead to and below we will leave a list of what the child should bring with him and what is not desirable.

When we try to give children the whole wardrobe and clothes with us, of course we think that it will be useful and if not, then we will collect the difference. But the main difference is that if you give something to a child, it will definitely come in handy, even if it’s for something trivial. This means that the child understands that he has 8 shirts and if he gets one a little dirty during the master class, then he goes to change it and then…continues the master class. Guess what happens..just like that, after 10 minutes both shirts are already dirty, but nothing, there are still shirts.

Of course, you should have and preferably have enough clothes, but it’s always not good to overdo it, because it happens that girls come with a huge suitcase and don’t even take half of it out.

The main clothes and shoes in the camp are those that can be worn when running, hitting and playing active games. You can give a lot of them and considering that it is summer, most of these clothes will be T-shirts and shorts that do not take up much space.

The second important set is the outgoing set – these are simply clean and nice clothes that the child can wear to the award ceremony and photo shoot.

Remember an important thing – the child will always want to show all the belongings, things and everything interesting to others, so try not to bring the child things that are too important or that are very expensive.

What should be in a child’s bag:

  • Personal hygiene items
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush
  • Shampoo, shower gel (if soap, necessarily in a soap container)
  • Small and large towels (one for the shower, one for the beach)
  • Tissues
  • Comb (especially for girls)
  • Rubber for hair

Shoes and clothing

  • Shoes for rainy weather (can be rubber boots)
  • Shoes for warm weather (such as sandals or clogs)
  • Shoes for outdoor activities and hiking (boots, sneakers)
  • Indoor shoes (MANDATORY! – slippers, crocs, etc.)
  • Sportswear – plenty of sweat-proof T-shirts and shorts or pants.
  • Lots of socks
  • Clothing for festive events and performances
  • Clothing for colder weather (sweater, long pants)
  • Swimsuit or swimming trunks for the sea
  • Headgear (for hot weather – hat, scarf, etc.)
  • Change of underwear, socks (bag for dirty laundry)
  • Nightwear
  • Other things
  • Favorite things (soft cloth, book, etc.)
  • Unbreakable cup (everyone will have their own cup at the camp, but if you have a favorite you can take it too)
  • Pocket money in reasonable amounts (we recommend bringing the child 1.50 – 2 EUR per day to the camp)

What should not to be in a child’s bag when going to camp?

  • Candles, matches, lighters, pyrotechnic products, objects with which it is possible to stab and cut (except manicure objects)
  • Food products – children are provided with a 5-time delicious meal with soups, with the second, with delicious meat and salads, with sweets, fruits and yogurts. They will definitely have everything they need, think again if it is worth bringing 5 packets of chips to your child, as this often leads to stomach aches and rejection of healthy balanced food.
  • We kindly ask you not to bring valuable things with children, so that problematic situations do not arise in case of their loss or damage (expensive clothes, shoes, perfumes, jewelry, audio and video equipment). The camp administration cannot guarantee the complete safety of these items in the children’s group.