Of course, every parent wants to hear how happy and joyful their child is in the camp, but on the other hand…it would be nice to understand that the child misses you, right? Judging by many years of experience, with children in the camp it is like this:

The problem – children who are in the camp for the first time. Of course, it is the most difficult with them, it is especially difficult for them to get used to the telephone mode that is in our camps. Because for many years, the child saw parents everywhere, who solve all problems, but here…they are not there and you can’t even call them. This can be understood and parents must be strong, because often the first 2-3 days are the days when the child gets used to everything and is very sad after the usual things and parental care. There are often tears of sadness and requests to call mom every 15 minutes. In the receiver, you will hear how sad he is, how much he longs to go home and everything that may not please you.

Solution: We always pay more individual attention to such children, because it is very important for us that the child’s first time is nice and memorable. That’s why you can be sure – one of the educators is definitely watching the child, involves him in activities and gives him his attention in every way, otherwise we don’t work. However, the long-term solution to these situations is that we create a common parents’ chat on WhatsApp for each camp, where we send children’s pictures and a description every day. There you will also be able to see your child smiling and happy in the pictures. Because in such situations, the child only gets sad when he gets bored or when it’s time to call. Therefore, if your child is in the camp for the first time, you are ready for an emotional test that he will give you. Of course, educators and the camp manager are always a phone call away to discuss the child’s condition with you and reassure you as well.

The problem is children who often go to camps. Here is the other end of the tree..those children who often go to camps and always have fun and well in the camps often completely forget about their parents and calls. We have received calls on the third day of the camp from parents complaining that their child has not called them for 3 days.

Solution: Well, everything here is very simple, the child is used to everything new and he has only one thing in his mind when on the phone – to have time to play games, the parents will not disappear anywhere. This is also where our parent chat works well, as we remind parents what the phone hours are and when they can contact their children. Also, when we hand out phones to the children, we force them to call their parents and tell them how we are doing at the camp. But surely you already know that some good people have difficulties with their communication on the phone, so again – our chat and pictures with smiles will be able to tell you more.

Phone time:

Communication with parents according to the camp agenda is scheduled after lunch (1:30-3:00 p.m.). Camp educators undertake to ensure that this point is ensured. We, in turn, ask parents to discuss with their children the observance of this rule. The rest of the time, the phones are in the teacher’s room.
• In urgent cases, at an unexpected time, you can contact the camp management or teachers by calling the indicated phone numbers to solve any problem or question that has arisen.