Albatross Camp
Albatross Camp
Albatross Camp
Albatross Camp
16 June

The world of professions

  • Check-in time: 12:00
  • Nometnes cena: 420 EUR

This camp will introduce children to representatives of various professions, we will be able to see and ask questions of policemen, firefighters and medical workers about their daily work, and the children themselves will be able to assume the role of workers throughout the shift. During the camp, children “work” in various professions and earn our internal money – AlbaCoin, as well as improve their qualifications in master classes and even pay taxes.

We will explain to everyone what taxes, investing and how this system works. This camp theme became popular in camps because it allows each child to try out adult life and then return to their child reality. For someone, it makes them understand and appreciate their carefree children’s everyday life, while for another, it makes them think about responsibility and prepare for the big world. Of course, we will not do without fun games and events!

  • Camp price: 420 EUR
  • Payment can be made in two parts


  • Children will learn a lot from representatives of various professions
  • An opportunity to try out and ask questions about many professions
  • Increased sense of responsibility for the child for work to be done
  • Understanding and evaluating the global monetary system
  • Active games, dances, events, etc.
  • Virtual reality, laser tag games etc.


  • Dates: 16.06.2024 – 22.06.2024
  • Check-in: 12:00
  • Departure: 10:30 am
  • Address: Jūras iela 62, Engure
  • Bus: Kurzemes prospekts 3, T/C K3, near Imanta market
  • Phone for inquiries: +371 29 897 663